Wow, it’s been two months already since I updated. I have not been playing lately and will probably not get back to Veronaville for a while. I’m hoping to get back into my medieval hood for a bit (see link to medieval queendom), but real life, etc, is providing obstacles.

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Following on from the tragic death of a Downtown teenager after contracting the flu, Académie le Tour reports that a second year student, Lizzie Bear, died suddenly at the Romara dormitory just days later. Concern is mounting that this flu is a virulent new strain.

Just a month ago, a Bluewater Village resident contracted a flu but, after three days of coughing, fully recovered. Then shock as 15-year-old Nate Pederson died suddenly upon waking up, indicating to a different strain of the flu. Normally, bed rest would be enough to aid recovery, but Nate collapsed immediately, leaving his parents and siblings distressed, as he had been sick just one day. Lizzie Bear’s death was so sudden that no-one noticed until a few hours later. She, too, had been coughing the day before and collapsed seemingly after getting up from her bed when she woke. Students and staff at the university are extremely upset, as she was a popular student. Lizzie’s parents are understandably devastated and did not wish to comment. Lizzie’s twin sister, Paula, is also at Académie le Tour but was residing in a different dormitory.

“She was in my dormitory but wanted to move to a bigger one so she could meet more students.” Paula sobbed. “Students there said she was coughing really badly. I’ve heard there were a lot of cockroaches around. I can’t believe she’s gone!”

“She was a really good student” said mathematics professor Richard Carter. “She was near the top of her class, getting As, and made it to the Dean’s list. We’re still in shock here.”

Senior staff at the university refused to comment on the allegation there was an infestation of cockroaches at the dormitory. “Be assured we will be looking into it, but I have nothing to say at this point in time.” said Vice-Chancellor David Burrows.

Chief of Staff, René Champignon, urges citizens not to panic, but to take great care with waste disposal and avoid anyone who is coughing. He recommends that anyone showing symptoms should visit the hospital immediately.

Marielle went into labour.


She gave birth to another little girl.


She called her Felice after the deceased twin, Felicienne.

René was happy, and so was Felice’s big sister.


Marielle managed to set fire to herself,


almost making her young children motherless, in what would have been a tragic duplication of René dying by fire.


Thankfully the fireman got to her in time.

Interestingly, her in-laws at the big house would not have mourned her. No-one there likes her (I checked the relationship status for each of them). They would, however, have felt sorry for the children.

The youngest of Sebastien and Claire’s children, Cezanne, had returned from university with her fiancé, Jerome.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-50-33-14

They moved into a small house,

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-51-49-95

and then went clothes shopping.

They are currently unemployed and figured they may as well get married as soon as possible, as Cezanne’s parents were getting old. By the time everything was arranged, it was evening.

Sims2ep9 2018-02-10 13-45-49-91

That’s not the hairstyle that I had planned for formal wear, but never mind. Guests were all family members including cousin, Tom Arends.





Most guests took a piece,


but Sebastien preferred a snack.


He looked a bit worried about interractions between his daughter-in-law and his new son-in-law.


He needn’t have been.

The brothers chatted while watching sport,


and Xavier got an idea for another novel.


This is what Cezanne’s hair should have looked like.


The wedding was a roof raiser.

Jerome is into computers. A perfect career for him would be hacker.


The only member of the family that wasn’t at the wedding was Elene. Her daughter, Ellie, was now a toddler.


Elene has her attention turned to the neighbour, Cedar.


Viran hadn’t quite got used to the idea of being a vampire.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-22-33-37

With both grandparents and father vampires and a working mother, Veles didn’t always get the attention he needed.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-29-50-89

Meanwhile his twin sister was clever enough to figure out how to get out of the cot.

Vlad seemed addicted to the telescope, perhaps in the hope of seeing those fabled aliens.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-13-12-48

He was in luck.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-19-13-10

He was gone for several hours, and apparently no-one noticed his absence. It was unfortunate that he was deposited back on earth during daylight hours.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-25-59-47

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-26-20-34

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-26-54-86

He felt ill soon afterwards, which puzzled Miranda. How can vampires get ill if they’re dead?

There will soon be a half alien, half vampire child amongst them…

Things started happening, finally.

Having vampire grandparents, a sleeping father, and a mother at work didn’t help the twins.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-05-28-09

However, despite being tired, Veles walked to the potty.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-07-14-30

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-07-53-13

Viran finally woke up and could attend to the toddlers.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-09-30-00

He put Veles to bed…

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-12-04-11

and let Verene out.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-12-37-65

Meanwhile, attraction between Vlad and Vrancea grew.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-34-06-48

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-55-13-44

Viran was oblivious.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-48-47-38

Vlad saw an opportunity to make Vrancea a vampire.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-56-07-52

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-56-31-58

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-56-57-62


Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-57-17-60

Viran and Miranda had no idea,

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-57-42-66

but Verene heard something, like a flapping…

and suddenly Vrancea was there.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-58-13-50

Now it was Viran’s turn…

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 10-59-58-91

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-07-29-21

But, Vrancea knew, not everyone could be a vampire, as the children needed attention. She called up the matchmaker who sold potions.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-02-39-40

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-02-54-18

The matchmaker sold her one vial. Vrancea had thought there was a store of vampricillin somewhere in the house but she hadn’t found it. Never mind. Here goes, she thought.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-03-35-15

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-03-50-88

I think she looks better.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-04-09-10

Now she could look after the kids…

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-09-46-69

and was quite attracted to Viran’s new look.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-26 11-12-25-07

Aisha seems to have been pregnant for ages. But it was of course with her second child this time.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-30-57-18

Still, I was beginning to think she’d never have it when she went into labour.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-33-35-60

She had a boy before the game crashed. On re-entering she had a girl, so I exited and played again and thankfully, she had a boy again, called Antony.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-35-27-76

Little Petronella was a happy girl.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-14-07-83

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-13-00-28

Richard and Aisha taught her to walk.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-12-16-55

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-20-07-14

She was good at mealtimes too.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-22-51-78

She’s a cutie.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-23-37-75

Aisha could finally get back to work. She was promoted to sous chef.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-08-24-57

It took a long time to play this household. The game kept crashing… why, I don’t know. It’s only a couple of richer, bigger (space-wise) households that crash.

As for Charlotte, she had a bit of a makeover after Wendy turned into a teenager (so they wouldn’t look alike, and she was getting older – in her 40s now).





The date of my last post corresponds with the beginning of a new job which has left me less time to play and update.

I’m wondering whether to eliminate the DeMarr family from blog updates as nothing much has happened with that family and I miss them yet again for another update on the Champignon family (a large one, I guess).

So over to René’s branch of the Champignon family. The pics below were taken several months ago and I hadn’t updated, as it was the turn of the Lillards, but again nothing much had happened with them since.

You may, or may not remember their house (below on a rainy day).


René and his wife, Marielle, having breakfast. I’m can’t remember the circumstances surrounding these pics.



René was promoted, I think.


The couple had three children: Merivienne, and twins Laurent and Felicienne.


The girls below. It turned out they were clones of each other.



I expect Laurent was too, but he looked sufficiently different and was the heir. The Sim god, however, didn’t want clone girls, so the younger one met with an unfortunate ‘accident’.



She drowned.


Naturally, the parents were upset.


However, Marielle was pregnant again.


As the months passed, their grief faded a little.


Nothing is happening at the DeMarr house – they’ve become quite boring lately.

Sebastien invited Rene and his family over. Claire was delighted to see her grandchildren.



Claire found Merivienne delightfully talkative.

The cousins, Laurent and Renaud, chatted and played.



Sebastien’s sister, Chantal, was also visiting.


Rene still seems to look up to Xavier.


Marielle doesn’t seem to like her brother- and sister-in-law.


She seems to think that Xavier is a negative influence. She likes her husband to be serious and successful, not mucking about having mindless fun.



Her brother-in-law is unemployed and irresponsible she thinks.


What a killjoy.

Merivienne (much to Marielle’s disgust if she knew) was having the time of her life.


And Chantal was getting to know her great nephew Renaud better.


It was a pretty successful family reunion.

Meanwhile Cezanne had arrived at uni.


The only suitable thing she could find to wear was a black dress – not quite what she wanted.

She met what she thought was a cool townie who seemed to have similar interests.



Ok, well, I haven’t updated for a long time. I had pics waiting to post but then I played the medieval hood for a while and then joined the building contest at modthesims after which I basically stopped playing and just built stuff.

So, I’ll see if I can remember anything.  Although Aisha had been given a makeover, she still didn’t dress beautifully.


In any case she fell pregnant.


Richard was delighted and hoped for a boy, an heir.


He loved seeing Aisha’s growing tummy.


His mother, Sarah, wanted to feel the baby kick, but Aisha was having none of that.


Sadly, for Sarah, she never got to see the baby. She died at the age of 74.


Richard was devastated,



while Aisha didn’t much care. Her sister, Mandy, was also pregnant and came to visit.



They both look like they’re carrying twins but they were both a little chubby to begin with (all that fish at home).

Richard didn’t get his son. A girl was born, Petronella.


But Richard was happy enough. They could try again.


Petronella grew quickly. Before long it was her birthday.


(Aisha, you may notice, is in preggy clothing once again. It didn’t take Richard long.)


As for Richard’s sister, Charlotte, she had a visit from the police for trying to forge money.


She was pretty lucky to get away with just a warning.

Charlotte’s ex, meanwhile, was having the time of his life.


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