Aisha seems to have been pregnant for ages. But it was of course with her second child this time.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-30-57-18

Still, I was beginning to think she’d never have it when she went into labour.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-33-35-60

She had a boy before the game crashed. On re-entering she had a girl, so I exited and played again and thankfully, she had a boy again, called Antony.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-35-27-76

Little Petronella was a happy girl.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-14-07-83

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-13-00-28

Richard and Aisha taught her to walk.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-12-16-55

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-20-07-14

She was good at mealtimes too.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-22-51-78

She’s a cutie.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 13-23-37-75

Aisha could finally get back to work. She was promoted to sous chef.

Sims2ep9 2018-01-14 14-08-24-57

It took a long time to play this household. The game kept crashing… why, I don’t know. It’s only a couple of richer, bigger (space-wise) households that crash.

As for Charlotte, she had a bit of a makeover after Wendy turned into a teenager (so they wouldn’t look alike, and she was getting older – in her 40s now).






The date of my last post corresponds with the beginning of a new job which has left me less time to play and update.

I’m wondering whether to eliminate the DeMarr family from blog updates as nothing much has happened with that family and I miss them yet again for another update on the Champignon family (a large one, I guess).

So over to René’s branch of the Champignon family. The pics below were taken several months ago and I hadn’t updated, as it was the turn of the Lillards, but again nothing much had happened with them since.

You may, or may not remember their house (below on a rainy day).


René and his wife, Marielle, having breakfast. I’m can’t remember the circumstances surrounding these pics.



René was promoted, I think.


The couple had three children: Merivienne, and twins Laurent and Felicienne.


The girls below. It turned out they were clones of each other.



I expect Laurent was too, but he looked sufficiently different and was the heir. The Sim god, however, didn’t want clone girls, so the younger one met with an unfortunate ‘accident’.



She drowned.


Naturally, the parents were upset.


However, Marielle was pregnant again.


As the months passed, their grief faded a little.


Nothing is happening at the DeMarr house – they’ve become quite boring lately.

Sebastien invited Rene and his family over. Claire was delighted to see her grandchildren.



Claire found Merivienne delightfully talkative.

The cousins, Laurent and Renaud, chatted and played.



Sebastien’s sister, Chantal, was also visiting.


Rene still seems to look up to Xavier.


Marielle doesn’t seem to like her brother- and sister-in-law.


She seems to think that Xavier is a negative influence. She likes her husband to be serious and successful, not mucking about having mindless fun.



Her brother-in-law is unemployed and irresponsible she thinks.


What a killjoy.

Merivienne (much to Marielle’s disgust if she knew) was having the time of her life.


And Chantal was getting to know her great nephew Renaud better.


It was a pretty successful family reunion.

Meanwhile Cezanne had arrived at uni.


The only suitable thing she could find to wear was a black dress – not quite what she wanted.

She met what she thought was a cool townie who seemed to have similar interests.



Ok, well, I haven’t updated for a long time. I had pics waiting to post but then I played the medieval hood for a while and then joined the building contest at modthesims after which I basically stopped playing and just built stuff.

So, I’ll see if I can remember anything.  Although Aisha had been given a makeover, she still didn’t dress beautifully.


In any case she fell pregnant.


Richard was delighted and hoped for a boy, an heir.


He loved seeing Aisha’s growing tummy.


His mother, Sarah, wanted to feel the baby kick, but Aisha was having none of that.


Sadly, for Sarah, she never got to see the baby. She died at the age of 74.


Richard was devastated,



while Aisha didn’t much care. Her sister, Mandy, was also pregnant and came to visit.



They both look like they’re carrying twins but they were both a little chubby to begin with (all that fish at home).

Richard didn’t get his son. A girl was born, Petronella.


But Richard was happy enough. They could try again.


Petronella grew quickly. Before long it was her birthday.


(Aisha, you may notice, is in preggy clothing once again. It didn’t take Richard long.)


As for Richard’s sister, Charlotte, she had a visit from the police for trying to forge money.


She was pretty lucky to get away with just a warning.

Charlotte’s ex, meanwhile, was having the time of his life.


Ilse still had problems with her in-laws spending lots of time with her son.


When she finally got some time alone with him, she wasn’t sure what to do.


But some innate instinct kicked in.


However, he had grown quickly and his birthday came around too soon.


Xavier proclaimed his continual love for Ilse in the hope he could persuade her to now have another child.


Ilse was not interested.

Sebastien and Claire are still very much in love, still going strong.


Sebastien’s very distant cousin, the icon, Robert Champignon, had died at the age of 72. Sebastien visited the family with his condolences.


When I last updated, I hadn’t realised that the game hadn’t saved before it crashed! So I had to go through the birth again. I took the opportunity to rename the twins to Veles and Verene.

Talking of makeovers, Viran’s hair looks different now.


He’s a good dad.


The twins quickly grew to toddlers.



They played together,


and get on well (although I’m not sure that Veles is enjoying the hug quite so much).


Their parents taught them to walk.  They’re only halfway through their toddlerhood and they can walk and talk and, I think, are also potty-trained.



Over in Bluewater, Viran’s aunt, Demona, died at the age of 77. She had been a captain hero.


[My game has been crashing fairly frequently. I think it’s cc. I’ve been trying to figure out what’s doing it but it’s very time-consuming, taking my time away from actually playing.]

[PS: I really hate the new blog layout when writing (with the menu on the right-hand side) and when I write a post it doesn’t scroll down so my text disappears at the bottom! I have to physically stop and scroll up to see it. Really fucking annoying. Thanks WordPress.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fucking fix it! I also hate the new reader display.]


Daughter-in-law, Aisha, was rather plain, thought Sarah, but not unattractive.


She offered to give Aisha a makeover.


Sarah thought the little bob suited her much better and Aisha seemed pleased.

Also contemplating a more serious makeover was Richard.  He had been a handsome teen, but things didn’t stay that way.


He didn’t like his nose or cheekbones and his ears seemed too round for his liking.  He headed for the machine in the shed.


It didn’t go well.


There was no way he was letting his family see him like that so he tried again, and was more successful.


He loved the new face.


Elene was still popular. In fact she was big on campus.


One student was particularly interested, Shane Noir. But he would have to act quickly.


So he took the plunge.


She didn’t resist. In fact she enjoyed it. During the rest of their time at university, he got closer and closer to her and eventually popped the question.  She accepted.

They returned to Veronaville and moved into an apartment where they had the wedding.


It was a small affair with no fuss at all (not even any chairs for the guests in the tiny backyard. (Check out that road!)


But inside was bigger and everyone had a great time.


Back home, Sebastien held a dancing competition.


He announced Claire as the winner. I think he was biased.


Xavier had now written four best-selling novels. Claire and Sebastien read them. The latest, The Road to Hell, was a bit grim for Claire’s liking.


Sebastien is now 70 but shows no sign of giving up music.


Vrancea soon got pregnant.


Viran is in the science career but Vrancea hasn’t found work yet.  She wanted a baby. She didn’t expect twins however.  It makes sense. Her father-in-law was a twin.

Viran was at work when Vrancea went into labour.


Luckily it was at night so Miranda could help out.


The first baby – a boy, Vacul.


The second – a girl, Savika.

Miranda introduced her granddaughter to the great outdoors.


Miranda and Vlad complained about the twins smelling, even lecturing them (but did nothing about it).


Not many pics with this update, sorry, but the ones towards the bottom might offend.

The day after Richard’s wedding in autumn, Peter died.


He had long before reached the top of the medical career as chief of staff and was 73 when death came for him. Naturally, Sarah was most upset.

Meanwhile, Charlotte had had her baby – another girl she called Daisy (and another cringe from Jeremy when he heard).  Jeremy was enjoying his bachelor life in his one-bedroomed pad with swimming pool and party room and could freely invite his girlfriends around.



No guilt or conscience about his wife or kids at all.

One of the last updates included the marriage of Petra Lillard to Ren Noir.  They lived in an apartment in Bluewater.  Petra became pregnant but would often neglect to eat, with the result that she starved to death.  Ren moved out of the apartment and visited his friend, Raymond Arends nearby who had a genie lamp.  Ren used one of the wishes to resurrect Petra.

Petra was successfully resurrected, still heavily pregnant, but she had no memory of Ren and they were no longer married, although attracted to one another.  Instead of returning to the apartment, Ren decided to check out an abandoned house overlooking the sea.  However, it was not abandoned, but inhabited by an immortal.  Immortals are not known for their morals (one of them having slept with a Champignon, given birth, and slept with that child as an adult (her own son)).

This particular immortal, Gina, was actually delighted to have some company in the form of the attractive Ren, but was not keen on his pregnant partner.  The house was small, so she offered to build an additional room for Petra, who, tired and confused, entered and lay down. Gina locked the room but left food for Petra until her time came.

Ren seemed totally oblivious to Petra’s absence and flirted with Gina who he was very attracted to.  He went off to work on the day that Petra gave birth. Petra delivered twin girls which Gina took away and idly named Seaview and Amnesia.

And now the truly horrifying part. Gina took Seaview to test out her new barbecue.





It was her first (and only) taste of roast baby.  Gina duly put the other baby, Amnesia, in a cot, ready for Ren who had no idea that Petra had given birth to twins.

Petra, meanwhile had been living in the roofless and grass-floored room (and got struck by lightning), and didn’t get to see her babies again.  Before Gina set fire to the room with Petra in it, she gave Petra one last meal.


The family are thankfully ignorant of the horrifying circumstances.