Last time we visited, the grocery delivery man was stuck on the road and the gardener’s truck stuck behind his van. Returned to see Katelyn rather bored so she tried getting into the car to go to town and buy some groceries there. It took a while for her to leave because the useless grocery delivery man was standing on the road. Finally she got to Veronaville Market which has all she might need. She wanted to do a spot of karaoke, which she did to an audience of none, then she took photos of herself downstairs in the little booth. She was hungry so had a meal at the nearby restaurant and had a chat with the locals. She bought some groceries, visited the loo, and headed home. After she arrived the grocery delivery man came out of his trance and delivered the basket of groceries. Well, plenty of food in the fridge now. He buggered off at last and Katelyn waited for Raoul’s return from work so they could try for a baby again. (Meanwhile the gardeners seem to have given up as there are weeds everywhere.)

Success! She became pregnant and the pregnancy went well without any spewing up or feeling overly tired or hungry. She got big and I wondered… Raoul was hoping for a girl. Twins arrived! But, sadly, both were boys. They’ve been named Pierre and Francois (sans cedilla, sorry). Just before the pregnancy, Katelyn made a right choice at work and was rewarded with 40,000 simoleans. Great stuff. Had to buy two cots anyway. I was hoping, since the first cot was pink, that it might have influenced the random choice of gender, but no. Never mind. Time will tell if they want to try again for a girl.

Below is the first picture of Raoul and Jean-Philippe: