A few pics of Ben and Mellon’s families.

Mellon old

Mellon with her dyed hair.  Compare with an older photo of her talking to her sister:

Helen Mellon

Remington and kids

Penny, Devon and Remington (yes Devon’s grown already).  Remington doesn’t look too bad for an old guy.

Mellon and kids

Penny and Devon take after their father I think.

Then there’s poor old Ben.


His kids take after him too:


Darlene, now a teen, has an unfortunate jaw deformity.


So does Denny.  Should I let them breed?  They look nothing like their mother:


It’ll be some time before Sharlene becomes an elder.  She must be daydreaming of having a bit on the side.

Sharlene flirting

Flirting with a co-worker.  Hmm, we’ll see what happens… 

If you’re wondering why a guitar is on the front porch – it was one of those attempts to get Ben happy enough to take an elixir.  Didn’t work obviously.  I didn’t bother moving it – the house is too tiny anyway.

Oh, a strange and ironic thing happened.  Denny came home one day with a friend – and who should it be but Ken, the Peter Pan of the family – taken away by the Social Worker twice and doomed to stay a kid forever.