You may remember Jean-Philippe moved back home into the apartment at the back of the family house and each time he tried to call former-girlfriend, Kay, she was out.


Well, he finally got in touch and invited her round.  But poor Kay is still a teen or college student (she was probably at school the whole time) so Philippe, as an adult, can no longer flirt with her.  That puts her out of the running.  Round one to Sonique.


J-P then tried to chat up a pretty blonde at Veronaville market, but when he invited her round she was also just a student (you can tell by the height) and he couldn’t flirt with her either.  Round two to Sonique.


I had run out of alternatives to Sonique (who is really too slutty for J-P).  So I created Heidi and Carla Heineken who live nearby.  Heidi met J-P while at the Crypt-o Night Club so they’re rapidly heading to friendship.  Good start.  We’ll see where it leads.


Meanwhile there are a few issues with the rest of the Champignon family.  Katelyn is starting to really annoy me.  At every opportunity she gets she primps herself in the mirror instead of doing what I’ve told her to do.  She managed to ruin a visit by the headmaster by mucking around instead of giving him attention.  Both Katelyn and Raoul wanted the twins to go to private school so the headmaster came over for dinner.  It wasn’t a bad score overall – 85/90, but obviously it has to be a perfect score to win a place at private school.  (Huntingdons take note.)  Raoul had to take over when Katelyn started ignoring the headmaster completely, but it was too little too late.  Another thing Katelyn does is insist on trying to go to J-P’s apartment even though he’s now locked it.  I’ll point to her fridge and try to get her to make dinner and she’ll try to go to his fridge, or she’ll make something in her kitchen and try to serve it in J-P’s apartment.  She wastes an awful lot of time while everyone starves and waits. Here they finally get some dinner:



Pierre has proved to be a grouchy bugger and likes to fight the nicer Francois. champ fight 

He’s also usually too grouchy to do homework so he’s in danger of being taken away.


Meanwhile the gardener problem continues.  Those garden borders might look nice but the gardeners hate them, complaining that they can’t get to the bushes to trim them so they waste a hell of a lot of time complaining and stamping while the weeds run amok.  So it looks like I’ll have to take the borders away so they can get to the bushes.  In fact I might take the bushes out so they don’t waste time trimming and get onto the weeding!  A pic would show the extent of the problem but there isn’t one (yet).  Instead, a night-time view of the house before J-P’s apartment was built.

Champ house


Here’s a little flashback to the twins as playful toddlers.



Somehow I always manage to get a toilet somewhere in the picture.