Mellon has definitely gone off the idea of marrying Garrett.  She tried to woo Luc on a date but he just wouldn’t go all the way.  In desperation Mellon called Remington again and he came round to the house and they had a dream date.  She asked him to move in and he did!  But how to break off the engagement with Garrett so she can marry Remington and not “live in sin”?  She is still able to throw a wedding party but I don’t think Garrett would approve of his wife’s lover living in the same house.  Oh dear.  Ben’s tried his best to get rid of Garrett by fighting him, but he still comes around and gives Mellon a big, loving hug.  She’s also tried to argue with him but he just laughs.  He’s always well dressed in a suit and ol’ Remington who looked upper class, is actually unemployed and had a diploma in sheep conservation.  Hmm.  Mellon will send him out working very shortly.  Is she making the right choice?