Mellon is definitely having problems settling down.  It wasn’t enough to have Remington move in.  She had to keep flirting with others.  First of all she invited Garrett round so he could witness her kissing and hugging Remington.  Well that worked in that Garrett was now angry with her, but they still appear to be engaged which is rather silly.  Then she invited Luc on a date and went to meet him, but her silly mistake was in taking Ben and Remington with her and naturally Remington is angry and Luc refused to continue on the date saying he’d rather chew his leg off than go on another date with her.  So now Mellon was in the shit with all the men she fancied.  She’s tried desperately to make it up to any one of them but they’re all angry and Luc continues to kick over the trash can and leave burning bags at the back doorstep.  Garrett steals the newspaper.  Strangely he still has a black face from being electrocuted while trying to fix their broken TV.  Ben had influenced Garrett into doing so and the TV blew up in his face.  I wonder if his face will never be normal again.  Remington had a date with an attractive blonde but mucked up the date somehow.  He’s still not happy with Mellon despite all her apologies.

Meanwhile, Ben was trying to get to know different women and chatted up one of the clothes shop attendants.  He tried about 2 or 3 women but they didn’t respond positively.  Then out of the blue one of the women did – she appeared to be one of his workmates.  In no time at all Ben was friends with her and flirted with her and before you know it they appeared to be in love.  Eventually Ben proposed to her and she said yes.  Now was the time for Ben to move out.

He bought a small two-bedroomed house across the river, moved in and invited his new love round.  Her name is Sharlene and she’s one of the top cops.  She came round and they got married in the back yard.


Sharlene and Ben’s wedding in the tiny back yard of their new home.

Wedding cake

Unfortunately they were married before they could invite friends around and throw a wedding party.

I then gave Ben some facial hair to make him look older because he still looked like a kid.

Some neighbours popped by and greeted them, then Sharlene decided to have a party but none of Ben’s family turned up.

That night Ben and Sharlene consummated their marriage and Sharlene became pregnant!

marriage bed

Ben and Sharlene relaxing…..

Over at Ben and Mellon’s parents’ house, Manon finally retired after becoming a cat burglar.  He still wants a baby even though they can no longer have one.  Steven wasn’t doing well at school so he didn’t go to college either and has just grown into an adult.  I imagine he’ll stay living at home and will probably inherit the house when Manon and Shannon die.  Helen is doing well at school but Ken’s grades are slipping.