I’ve been writing about my Sims for just over a year at another blog site.  But that blog site annoyed me once too often so I’m transferring it to here.  Bear with me as I try to organise the posts and start afresh.  I won’t be transferring all posts – deleting reference to some now defunct families.  It’ll take time…

The first and main family of Veronaville (I deleted all the existing families) is the Collie family – so called because at a loss of what to call my first Sim I glanced at a Smashing Pumpkins CD “Mellon Collie…”  So Mellon Collie was my very first Sim.  She was the eldest child of Manon and Shannon.

She has a teenage brother called Ben (unoriginal I know) and their baby brother, Steven, is on the verge from growing from toddler to child.  The parents love making babies but are not very attentive parents, sad to say.  The family started with Mellon being a teenager and Ben a toddler.  She moved to college just as Ben became a teen and shortly afterwards Steven was born.  The mother, Shannon, doesn’t work and Manon is a small-time crook.  Mellon is studying psychology at college and is still in her sophomore year (these American terms are strange to me, even though I’ve heard them from American movies).  She just moved out of a dorm into her own small apartment, but she’s finding it lonely and is considering moving back to a dorm (this time remembering to take her possessions with her!).

Here’s an early picture of the family, Manon, Shannon and Mellon holding Ben.


Collie family

The other main family is Champignon.

Raoul Champignon is a long-haired blond Frenchman who lived with his teenage blond son, Jean-Philippe (who attracts all the girls).  Jean-Philippe is naturally a bit of a party-animal and doesn’t study much.  His father, Raoul, recently fell in love with a beautiful dark-haired woman he met downtown, called Katelyn.  They had a very successful date at the bowling alley and he proposed engagement, then asked her to move in.  She brought a fair bit of money with her and they were able to move into a larger house.  The house has taken quite a bit of redecoration, the adding of a pool, and, naturally, some planning for the wedding in the garden.  She was very particular about the house and garden decor, was Katelyn.

Enough of intros – there are five generations to get through – which took me over a year to play.  Onward.