It’s amazing what these Sims get up to when you’re not controlling them. I thought it was about time I got boyfriends for the Maniere sisters (not previously blogged about here) who were still young compared to their contemporaries. Sonique (Genieve Maniere’s daughter) was in danger of catching up to them. Well I needn’t have worried. In my absence it seemed that Mariane had got to know, and fall in love with, Victor Lillard, or near enough that I didn’t have to do much to seal the deal. He wasn’t the best looking guy for Mariane. I’d hoped for someone a bit better looking since she is attractive. Maybe it was his money… Anyway, it didn’t take much persuasion to get Victor to move in and it was only when a helicopter arrived that I realised he was a business tycoon and pretty loaded. No wonder Mariane had her eyes on him. Genieve didn’t really see the attraction but could understand the financial aspect considering the house they lived in was a dump. Victor, naturally, couldn’t bear to live in such a house and as soon as he got back from work, he and Mariane moved away to a grand house at the other end of Veronaville.

 Helicopter view of mansion

A night-time helicopter view of the new house.

Mariane was so overcome with its grandeur that she proposed to Victor on the spot and he agreed. There was an old graveyard beside the house. The headstones were swiftly moved over to Bluewater cemetery. Once the house had been decorated and furnished to their satisfaction, Victor invited the wedding guests and they got married the very next day. Talk about whirlwind romances on this game!

Mariane and Victor

Wedding guests

Wedding guests gathering.

Waiting for the bride

The bride is fashionably late.  There’s a trend here for evening weddings!