I fast forwarded Ken’s stay at university.  He was staying in the same dorm as two others I had created who’d only just reached their sophomore year – Adrian, the gay guy and Katya, the red-head (who marries into the Champignon family).  Adrian failed in the process because I neglected him.  I concentrated on Katya who I wanted to pass, and making sure Ken failed.  He did, then headed back to Veronaville.  Unfortunately his name was still Ken Bachman.

While at uni, Ken met and fell for Elle Harris and the feelings were mutual.  Once back in Veronaville, Ken moved in with Karla Heineken (the flatmate to everybody).  He invited Elle round and as soon as she moved in, Ken and Elle moved out.  I built a weird-shaped house for them.  They got engaged and married within minutes of moving in.

Ken and Elle

Unfortunately Ken’s the spitting image of his brother, Stephen, so I’m going to have to add facial hair to one of them to tell the difference.