After I saw Ken Collie visiting his brother’s house as a friend of his own nephew I thought, well this is ridiculous.  So I made Helen and Leo (currently kid-less) adopt.  It was a pretty strong possibility that Ken would turn up and sure enough he did.  He managed to complete his homework this time, even scoring an A at the end of his childhood.  The minute he turned into a teen (finally!!!!!) I shipped him off to university.  Damn him.  I’ll make sure he fails so he can become an adult and try catching up to his siblings!  Of course now his family tree shows Leo as his father and his name is Ken Bachman.  Oh well.  Helen was promoted then demoted after a wrong decision (I’m good at making the wrong decision when it appears to be the right one.  I should just ignore them.)

Nothing much else happening in the Collie family after all the upset.  I’m concentrating on getting Mellon to her proper age (she ended up being younger than Ben when she should be at least 8 days (read years) older.  She and Remington are stuck on their career levels because they don’t have enough friends so she needs to make some more.