Checked in on Mellon and Ben.  Ben had a job as a security guard and is now training to be a cop.  Mellon is getting a bit tired of her job and one of her aspirations was actually to leave her job.  She got demoted shortly after for being too conscientious.  She now has her sights on having a man in her life.  There seems to be some element of love between ex-university friend, Garrett – so much so that in a rash moment she proposed engagement to him.  She regretted it later – 1)because he really isn’t much to look at and would probably produce ugly babies, and 2) one of her aspirations was to have 2 loves at once.  She met and fell for Luc, a brother of another ex-uni friend.  She’s also had Remington around but he’s a bit of a bore and neither of them are falling completely for her charms – probably because she’s engaged!

Meanwhile over at the parents’ house, things seem a lot more relaxed and happier.  Manon and Shannon are now elders, just as baby Ken became a toddler. Shannon actually devoted some time to teaching Ken how to walk – the first toddler ever to do so.  Manon, equally, devoted some time to teaching Ken to talk so he’s the miracle kid in the family now.  He’s now a child and Helen, who was quite a cheerful little cutie, has now turned into a teen.  Stephen was not doing well at school and tried to get a job but he had to do his homework in order to get one.  He’s gone from an F to a C.  Manon is still employed as a getaway driver – not having gone far in his career due to lack of friends – too busy with kids.  He’s not ready to retire yet.  Both of them now want grandchildren – naturally.