Ben is ageing more rapidly than his older sister, Mellon, so over to Mellon’s house we go.  But Mellon was much older than Remington, so she had a couple of drinks of the elixir to bring her back a bit.  So she’s even younger.  Back over to Ben’s house and with Sharlene’s help installed the elixir in their house.  First try was great – Ben became a bit younger but his aspirations are rather pathetic.  I tried my best to get him younger again (his wife is much younger than him), but the next try was a disaster – he aged – so now, instead of becoming an elder in 6 days, it was three.  Time was running out to get him happy enough to try again!  But that aspiration level just didn’t get high enough and he now has just one day left.  I give up.

Back over to Mellon’s house.  Baby Penny grew into toddlerhood.  You’d think, knowing how bad a mother her mother was, that Mellon would do her best for her daughter.  But she seemed constantly tired and hungry and never saw Remington enough.  She went to work as he came home from work.  Both came home tired and poor Penny ended up crying for attention a lot.

Penny crying

They nearly got her potty trained, but the attempts to teach her to talk didn’t come to much.  Teaching her to walk wasn’t even attempted.  Oh dear.

Remington wanted to get engaged to Mellon.  She was still officially engaged to Garrett, who she never sees now (and he still has a burnt face!).  No matter how in love they were, there was no option to propose.  Mellon had to invite Garrett over specifically to break up with him.  She did so and he sobbed and left.  Apparently he didn’t see it coming (with Remington’s child crying behind her).

Yay, now Remington could at last ask Mellon to marry him.  One of her fears was staying unmarried, so naturally she said yes.  Remington rang in sick and Mellon invited the wedding guests.  But in all the confusion and trying to get Penny dressed for the occasion, Remington went off to work anyway!  So there were all the guests and Mellon waiting at the ‘alter’ (the wedding arch) and Remington wasn’t there.  The party was a disaster.  Mellon was quite upset and the guests were grumbling on their way home.

Remington finally came home, apparently unaware that he was supposed to be marrying that day – it was a Saturday after all.  Mellon dragged him over to the wedding arch and they got married anyway.  A passing neighbour quickly dressed in their finery and witness the muted affair.  After the (tiny) event, Mellon was going to walk away to attend to their demanding daughter, but Remington dragged her back for the traditional kiss.

Mellon wedding

So now Mellon Collie was now Mellon Landchild….

and he’s landed her with another child.  Mellon’s pregnant again.  Penny has grown into a terror – her temper tantrums will probably be frequent.  Who can blame her.  The cycle repeats!