Even in the Sim world.  Raoul came home one night to find toddler, Francois, sitting on the grass between the swimming pool and the back step of the house – in the dark…

Katelyn and Raoul decided to build an apartment in the back yard for Jean-Philippe on his return from university – just a one-bedroom apartment which opened out onto the swimming pool.  In preparation they had partly furnished it. Katelyn, for some reason, decided to feed Francois a bottle from the fridge in J-P’s apartment.  She carried Francois there, put him down, gave him the bottle and disappeared back into the main house.  Francois was left there.  He crawled out of the apartment, past the pool and up to the steps to the house where he couldn’t go any further.  He didn’t cry but just sat there, rather confused and lonely.

Raoul found him and picked him up and put him to bed.  Katelyn, in the meantime, walked past, waved, and went into the apartment to clean up.  Very odd. During the day she’s been so tired that she’s left the twins to themselves, splashing in water from the toilet, and gone to bed.  The nanny had disappeared and even when Raoul called for another one, she didn’t turn up either.

The large back yard is covered in weeds – the gardener can’t seem to cope.  Useless!

J-P has now graduated and moved back home.  The twins have grown to school-age (just as well).  J-P’s tried to call Kay but only ever gets her answerphone.