Sharlene enjoyed flirting with her co-worker (who’s first name is unpronouncable but begins with Z).  She invited him over again to flirt and then took a spin in the car and invited him along.  They had a dream date in town, singing a duet on karaoke, having a picture taken together, etc. 


Sharlene drove them both home again but Ben was now awake and caught them in the kitchen flirting and slapped Sharlene and told her off.  I imagined she’d move out but suddenly she broke it all off! Ben sobbed and left! 

Darlene was upset in the bedroom crying and now hated her mother.  Denny was asleep at the time and didn’t really know what what was going on so he wasn’t affected.

Poor old Ben found a place to live just down the road but it was very lonely.  He bought a bird for company.  

Ben and bird

Darlene visited him there.  

Ben and Darlene

She thought her mother’s boyfriend would move in but he didn’t, although he did visit again.  Slowly Darlene’s anger diminished.

Meanwhile a burglar stole their car and spa pool.  (Darlene had used the spa pool to try and get friendly with Francois Champignon who visited one day after school).  So everyone was upset about the burglar and wanted to see his ghost.  Perhaps they should contact him, invite him round, and lure him into a doorless room?  (Sorry my evil mind is taking over here…)

But wait, there’s more. 

After Z’s last visit, Sharlene fell pregnant.  So now she has a dark-skinned baby.


Darlene and baby

You can imagine the talk among the rest of the Collie family…