Mellon and Ben were very close to elderhood – Ben closer than Mellon, which didn’t seem right because he’s younger, so I hopped on over to Mellon’s house to see how things were getting along.  Penny wasn’t quite the little terror that I thought she might be.  She dutifully did her homework and did well at school and even cleaned up after herself.  She’d turned out ok after her little temper tantrum to begin with.  Mellon, you may remember, got pregnant after the wedding. 


Remington and Penny


Here’s Remington telling Penny about the new baby.



She gave birth to another girl, Devon.  Devon’s surname is Landchild, whereas Penny’s is Collie.  Makes sense but this was something I wasn’t aware of in my newbieness.  Mellon became an elder just after Devon became a toddler.  (Devon got far more attention than Penny.  Things weren’t quite so chaotic.)  Remington wasn’t far behind and he became an elder on the same day Penny became a teen.  They’ve both decided to colour their hair – they don’t want to look ancient so soon. (Sorry, forgot to take pics again.)   


They held a combined party for Remington and Penny and invited family around, but Mellon went to work and missed the whole thing.  Remington slept through half of it.  Not the greatest of parties.  At least Penny was old enough to make sure Devon got put into the cot when she got tired.  So generation three of the Collies is growing fast.  



Clockwise from bottom: Leo, Marie, Penny (now a teen), Steven, Helen, Remington (about to become an elder), Ben, Darlene, Devon.

Over in Ben’s house, he had two days to elderhood.  I thought I’d make Sharlene’s life a bit shorter by making her take the elixir when her aspiration level was only about a third to a half full.  To my surprise she lost some years.  That hardly seemed fair when Ben’s level was higher and he gained!  So I made her take it again and she went back to what she was before and the elixir was used up.  Oh well.  Ben grew into an elder but his beard stayed white, regardless of what hair colour he chose, so he went white.  He could have shaved his beard off but he has a non-existent top lip (somehow) and looks rather weird.  I let him have a moustache to cover that but of course it’s still white.  (Forgot to take pics again!)  Toddler Denny grew into a child, but Darlene hasn’t yet reached teen-hood, unlike her cousin, Penny, who she’s friends with.



Penny playing with Darlene before her birthday. Devon’s in the high chair.

Over to Steven and Marie’s house (the family home).  Steven was approaching elderhood too and there was no elixir.  With that in mind he approached Marie about having a baby and she seemed quite happy. 

Marie and Steven


Steven became senior manager and came home to find his wife giving birth to a baby boy. 

Marie giving birth


He’s named Kenny, after his lost uncle Ken, victim of the Social Worker.


Remaining sibling, Helen, is still her cheerful self and has no intention of being a mother.  She’s still very young compared to her brothers and sister.  She’s still just a fast-food checkout chick and Leo is a gas station attendant.  They seem to have no worries and enjoy life.  Let’s see how far they go in their jobs with no kids to worry about.