Well, my Mellon Collie character moved into another dorm – one with big enough rooms that she can have a double bed.  She’s now a ‘Junior’, which seems weird to me – that’s like third year?  How can a third year be a junior?  I don’t understand this terminology but never mind.

Ben should try to get to college, but he’s so unhappy he never wants to do his homework so his grades are so bad he can’t apply to go.Manon and Shannon tried for another baby and Shannon got pregnant and has just had a baby girl – Helen.  The house is getting full.

I tried to get Ben happier by letting him have a party but he gets unhappy so quickly and the backlog of homework is huge.  His grade is an F.  With any luck he can improve to a D before he becomes an adult!

Shannon is a little more attentive to the baby but still tends to put them on the kitchen floor when she wants to do something!

Meanwhile, Manon made a wrong choice in his job and got demoted, about a day after he got promoted!  Oh dear.  It’s not a particularly happy family.