The twins are now toddlers – Pierre is blond like his father and Francois is dark-haired like his mother.  No sign from either of them of wanting more children (I think I forced them into it).  Raoul had enough points to buy an elixir of life, which he used twice to get closer to Katelyn’s age (she is younger than him).  However, he took it again but his aspiration level wasn’t quite high enough and he lost all he’d gained.  Will have to try and make him happier to try again.

Katelyn and Pierre

Katelyn talking to Pierre.

Meanwhile, Jean-Philippe has moved out of the dorm and into a 2-bedroomed house.  His room-mate is none other than freshman, Sonique Maniere.  They’ve already argued.

Here is a pic of Jean-Philippe in the dorm, chatting up a blonde: