J-P, meanwhile had got friendlier with the new neighbour, Heidi Heineken. 



He introduced her to his dad, Raoul, and invited her to stay the night.  I’m not sure where she slept but she turned up in the morning wearing undies.  The apartment kitchen is more trouble than it’s worth.  Even the nanny has started using it to feed her face.  So, after Heidi agreed to move in, the kitchen had to go.  The spare spa pool went in that room instead.

JP and Heidi

J-P and Heidi in the tub.

JP and Heidi eating

Heidi breakfasts with the boys.

The apartment

The gardener actually weeding!  A view of J-P’s apartment at the back of the house.  The lovely union jack design was destroyed during building.

The Champignon twins, meanwhile, seemed to get on better and Pierre did his homework.  They’ve just reached teen-hood. 





They’re quite handsome boys for Sims-generated offspring.