Well Jean-Philippe finally asked Heidi to marry him and she accepted.  They waited a couple of days (because it was during the week) but decided to have the wedding on a Friday instead of a Saturday because Raoul was due to become an elder on Saturday.  Perhaps JP wanted a younger dad in the photos.  Anyway, JP happened to be asleep when the wedding party started so I got Heidi to click on the wedding arch to get married.  I didn’t know (always learning new stuff in this game) that that meant JP would take her surname.  Dammit!  So now J-P is Jean-Philippe Heineken!  Phooey.

JP wedding

I really must remember to change the formal clothing of the women.  They all end up with the same dress, dammit!

Heidi no longer wanted to live in the apartment, so they moved across the river to this place:

JP house

Turns out Heidi had plans for a bigger place for her kids.  She and JP are now expecting their first (and only?) child.

Heidi had kindly asked J-P’s ex-girlfriend, Sonique, to the wedding.  Sonique was quite happy through the whole thing but the minute J-P kissed the bride she stormed up and slapped him.  Duh.  These Sims are a little thick.