While at uni, Marla had done a bit of flirting and ‘woohooing’ with Damien.

Damien and Marla

(Even then Marla was lusting after another student.)

Damien and Marla

Alex had done the same with Amelie.

So it wasn’t a surprise that sooner or later one would find out about the other.

Found out

Alex and Marla agreed that perhaps they’d made a mistake getting married.  Alex sent Marla on her way…


But he wasn’t exactly happy about it.


Alex’s mother was upset about the breakup too (thought I’d taken a pic but can’t find it).

The reason he’d married Marla instead of Amelie was that he thought Amelie and Kane were in love.  It appeared not.  Amelie walked in on Kane in bed with another woman while at uni and she didn’t react.  There were no love hearts.   (I thought I had a pic but I can’t find it.)

So anyway, now Alex was free to marry Amelie and Amelie loved him so he proposed.


Amelie accepted but there was no option to move in.  So I had her drop out of uni and move in anyway.  Another wedding soon.

Meanwhile, Marla moved to a house facing the river in Veronaville and got a job in the gamer career.  She invited Damien over and popped the question.

Damien finished his psychology degree

Damien Tan 

and moved in with her.  He got a job as a psychic.  They got married quietly.  Again I thought I had a pic but I can’t find the bloody thing.  (Despite trying to arrange the pics in order of being taken, they’re not! Grrr.)

No plans for kids just yet.