Alex was at university studying physics.  He didn’t specifically have a girlfriend but a red-headed black woman named Marie Chen showed a lot of interest.

Marie lusts

They started off as friends and got close enough to share kissing.  However, a new student moved in – Marla Biggs, a student that comes with the game.  Originally she was fat, wore a boring top and skirt, plaits and round glasses.  She looked nerdy.  But I got rid of the glasses and gave her a makeover and she was definitely interested in Alex.


But she first had to lose weight.  So she exercised until she had and finally Alex noticed her.

Alex and Marla

Marla didn’t push it and made sure to avoid coming onto Alex when Marie was around.


But their luck didn’t hold out.  It just so happened that Marie was passing by outside the dorm when they’d been flirting.

Marie finds out

With that relationship down the tubes, Alex could concentrate on Marla.  In the meantime he had extensive phone conversations with Amelie Champignon.  But he eventually decided on proposing to Marla.


She accepted.


Time passed…

Alex completed his degree 3 semesters before Marla did and had a graduation party.

Jeremy and Alex

Alex farewelled Marla and headed home.

Farewell kiss

Marla moved out of that dorm and moved in with Richard Danaher and Damien Tan (so I could work on more than one student at a time).

At first Marla didn’t take any notice of Damien and he was oblivious to her and most other females.


But Marla was turned on by beards, so the inevitable finally happened.

Marla kisses Damien

Damien held a sports party and invited his father, Kenny, over.  He witnessed the passion (as did Richard as they woohooed in a double bed in the middle of the dorm).


Back at the Lillard’s Alex invited his sister’s sister-in-law, Amelie, over and before he knew it, they were in bed together.

Amelie and Alex

He wanted to get engaged to Amelie even though he was already engaged to Marla.  Hmmm.

Finally, Marla graduated but she didn’t have a party and invite Alex – in case Damien saw them kissing or vice versa.

She headed back to Veronaville and moved in with the Lillards where Alex had had the bedroom extended.

Alex, meanwhile, had found a job in the science field.

Part two next.