It was winter when Marla moved in and she wanted a winter wedding anyway.  So she went to town and bought suitable clothes.  Alex invited the wedding guests.  The garden was white with snow.

But of course, the snow disappeared the minute the wedding guests turned up…

Wedding guests

Clockwise from top left: Victoria, Philippe, the gardener, Francois, Devon, some guy from uni, Katya, Richard Danaher and Denise Jacquet.

The wedding went ahead.


Wedding kiss

It soon got dark and the guests dispersed but Francois and Katya Champignon hung around.  Out of the blue Katya started poking Marla and then Alex.

Katya poking

Francois did the same.

Angry Champers

They were both pretty angry at Alex.  Obviously Amelie had let them know about their relationship and her parents expected Alex to marry her!

Grumpy bastards

Alex asked them to leave.  But, after they’d left, Richard came over and poked Marla – obviously he felt she’d betrayed Damien.


Oh dear.  Not a very happy wedding.  (Ironically the party went off fine – the rest of the guests were ignorant and happy.)


The friendship between the Lillards and Champignons were now on uneasy terms.  Not a good start to a marriage.  I’d guess there’d be questions in the bedroom that night.

Once the wedding had finished, it snowed…