Katya knew her end was near, so she decided to invite family over for a last reunion.  Guillaume refused to come over, making lame excuses.  Amelie agreed to come over but of course couldn’t bring the grandchildren.

Alas, Katya had forgotten about her cow plant near the path to the house.  Unfortunately the cow plant had some lovely cake on offer and Amelie, being rather greedy, tried to get it.  She died in the attempt.  Oops.  I hadn’t planned for that at all.  That’s what you get when your mother becomes an unnatural crossbreeder and leaves dangerous plants around.

Cow plant

So Katya never did get to see anyone before the Grim Reaper visited that evening.  She was 81 – a grand age.

Katya's death

Kane didn’t seem at all upset that Amelie never came home.  His neighbour, Larissa Landgraab, invited him over for dinner, perhaps to offer her condolences, but she loved the company and attention, finally. 

First kiss for Larissa

First kiss for Larissa

Not wanting to let Kane go, she proposed to him.  He accepted!  His third marriage looms (and he never wanted to marry in the first place).