While Jeremy was at uni he invited Devon Landchild around and he proposed to her.

Jeremy proposing

She, not being foolish enough to refuse such an offer, accepted.

In the same dorm was another Lillard.

Elizabeth Lillard

Her name was Elizabeth Lillard – distant cousins?

Anyway, Jeremy finished university and became an adult.

Jeremy graduates

Once home it was time for a bit of a makeover.

Jeremy makeover 

He immediately got a job as an intern and was promoted twice and got to GP before inviting Devon over.  Everything was prepared for their wedding.

Wedding prep

With each promotion Jeremy’s free days got pushed out, so he decided to invite Devon over to move in at least and have the wedding the next day before his mother carked it.  But the minute Devon walked up the path towards the house, Mariane’s end had come.

Mariane's death

She could have waited one more day!  She was due to be promoted from president as well as see her son’s wedding.  Sigh.  She died at 68.

Devon went home immediately, so Jeremy had to try again another day.

Vic mourns

Victor, surprisingly, mourned for his late wife.

So finally Devon moved in and the wedding party was arranged.  Victor went to work but that didn’t stop them.



Mr and Mrs

Mr and Mrs Lillard – but where were the guests?


Standing round drinking booze!  I’m going to have to do without the damned champers – the guests are far too interested in it instead of the actual ceremony.

Even after most people had gone to eat cake or turkey….


Edward D, Kenny C, Francois C and Jeremy.

When everyone had gone, Victor returned from work.

Victor returns

So more celebrating was in order.

Vic and co

Luckily the wedding couple had just returned from their brief honeymoon.  Victor would have continued pouring and toasting if I hadn’t made him dispose of the bottle!

Wedding kiss

PS Devon is also pregnant.