Kenny, one-time vampire, died, age (you guessed it) 72.

Kenny's death

Melody’s only just reached 60 I think so she’s still got a long way to go.  Daughter, Lyrica, is at uni.  I won’t bother updating on them after this.

Damien, rather sick of wife, Marla, ringing up Alex all the time, as well as having two daughters that look like their mother, decided to visit Roxie’s place where a ravishing new flatmate had just moved in (Serena deMarr).  Such was the attraction between them that within minutes they were in bed together.  After only a day Serena had become pregnant.  

Roxie hates Serena because Serena finds it all too easy to attract Roxie’s “clients”.  Pierre fell in love with her but Pierre is now upset with Serena for flirting with Damien.  More on those two later perhaps (I didn’t take any pics).

Hogan, son of the long deceased Sharlene, has finally achieved his LTW of becoming Mayor.


His wife, also a mayor, now wants to be a business tycoon, which is all good – after all you can’t have two mayors I don’t reckon.

Finally over to Daniel’s who I haven’t written about for some time.  He achieved his LTW of maxing out all 7 skills.  His daughter Dana had a son called Jess (after his father Jessie Greaves, who ran off with Robin Collie).  Deon, over at the green house, now has two rather unattractive daughters (the “Helen” gene is still strong).


Lena, now school age, is being held here by Uncle Sean (married to Margareta).

The second pregnancy resulted in another daughter, now a toddler.


She looks like a boy.  On hearing he had another daughter Deon said “fuck  it” (Ok, I did).  So her name is Fukita.  Third time lucky perhaps (Angel is, reluctantly, pregnant again.)

Margareta’s daughter, Shona, takes after her mother and looks normal, thankfully.  She’s in this pic below, taken at Harriett’s.  These kids are all cousins.

Cousins too

Shona is the blonde on the left and the red-head is Alexis.  They’re third cousins. 


In the red dress is Mairead, daughter of Kane, and the dark-haired girl is Harriett’s daughter Briony.  They’re first cousins.  Alexis and the other two are second cousins.  Looks like I need to alter some hairstyles.