So Francois and Katya got married.

Francois and Katya wedding

Among the guests were the Japanese couple, Jean-Philippe, Devon, Darlene, Denny, Katelyn and Pierre.

Francois and Katya

Pierre by now is going a bit looney.

Pierre looney

That’s him with the lampshade on his head.  He hasn’t been able to get the job he wants, he hasn’t got a girlfriend and he’s afraid of seeing wolves, of which there are a number at the Champignon residence.

Pierre has tried meeting women, but none interest him.  They’re the usual ones that hang around – no-one new and interesting.  So I made someone especially for him – Eva Cornwall.  The trouble is getting them to meet.  She and her mother live in Penny and Devon’s old house.  Both of them have been downtown on separate occasions but they never see each other.  I might just have to move her in uninvited.

Raoul still has a lot of life left in him and he’s only 64.  Katelyn though is only about 61 or 62 and she’s nearing her end.


Here she is getting some cake.  She wanted to retire from her professional party guest career and so she has.  She can now spend all day looking at herself in the mirror.  Pierre wants to be what his mother was, and I think he finally found an entry into the slacker career.  It seems appropriate that he’s following his mother’s career as he likes to admire himself too.  He’s a little cracked – comes from the mother’s side obviously.