Penny had the baby – a girl, Harriett. It wasn’t the boy that Edward wanted but that’s fine.  That just meant they had to try again.


It’s always nice when a baby throws up on you after you’ve just had a shower.

Penny and Harriett

Harriett has just become a toddler and Penny is finally pregnant again after four tries.

Devon, meanwhile, looked like she was having twins.


But she had just the one – also a girl, which they named Victoria, after Victor who was very happy to have a grandchild.

Jeremy and daughter

Devon still didn’t have a job but she arranged for house renovations, moving the entrance, moving a bathroom and moving the stairs over just a fraction to make them more central in line with the new entrance. The entrance to the house was now in the middle, and looked grander.  The previous small entrance to the house was on the left and just didn’t look right to Devon.