Even as adults, Daniel’s kids made for a “interesting” times.  No peace for Daniel and Margaret.  They lost two daughters in a fire.  The youngest twins were ok, and expecting babies (which makes Margaret very happy).  But things were not so rosy at home.

Nicholas Baena, sadly, was unaccountably attacked by flies and died.  Margaret was very upset, but Dana barely broke her stride after she came home from work to find the husband absent.  Not to worry, she rang up old friend, Jessie Greaves from university and invited him round.

Jessie and Dana

She basically proposed to him then and there and then asked him to move in, which he did, a poor student with just 1000 simoleons to his name.  They married in the backyard.


All seemed well and good.  The household was back to normal, sad though it was to lose Dana’s first husband.  Dana was soon pregnant (more good news for Margaret).

Unfortunately, Leon’s wife, Robin, was also attracted to Jessie.

Robin and Jessie

In a small house of 6 people, it wasn’t long before they were found out.

Caught by Leon

by Leon

Caught by Dana

and by Dana.  Robin and Jessie decided to move out together.

That’s probably the shortest marriage of any of my Sims so far.  (It all happened within 2 Sim days.)

Now it was just four people in the house.  And then tragedy struck once again.

Leon had somehow got locked out of the house.  While Margaret was happily serving food on the table, Leon was outside starving.  To make matters worse there was a thunderstorm and he was struck by lightning.

Burnt Leon

He died not long after.

Leon dies

From a household of 8 and then 6, it was now just Daniel, Margaret and Dana, with a baby on the way.  The house hadn’t been that quiet since Daniel moved in.