Champignon:  Amelie and Alex are still engaged.  Amelie is waiting for spring to have the wedding.  Emma has moved to Academie le Tour and is in the same dorm as Larissa Landgraab.  Francois is losing friends rather than gaining them so no promotion on the horizon just yet.  Henri’s wife, Erina, is pregnant.  Guillaume and Victoria are expecting another baby.

Collie:  The youngest twins of Daniel are at Academie le Tour.  They’ve both found potential partners so more on them soon.  Damien and Marla are expecting a baby.  Hogan (half-brother of Darlene and his nephew, Zen) grew into an elder.  Not much happening elsewhere…  yet.

Before I go, a pic I took a while ago of Damien’s wedding to Marla.

Damien and Marla