The path to love is never smooth – at least not for Pierre.  Francois has no problem at all – he can get any woman he wants.

Pierre searched downtown for the elusive Eva again without any luck. Eva did the same. They just weren’t meeting.

It was Francois who finally met Eva Cornwall through her mother, Maddie.

Eva and Maddie

Eva and Maddie Cornwall.

Francois invited both of them over one night and then invited Pierre over as well so he could finally meet the supposed woman of his dreams. But it didn’t go so well.  Pierre just does not have his brother’s charm when it comes to women. (In fact Francois is attracted to Eva and could have had her swooning over him in minutes.)

The meeting didn’t go as planned.  Within minutes, no – seconds, of meeting, Pierre and Eva were shoving and slapping each other.  I have no idea why.  Perhaps Pierre tried to move in on her too quickly or vice versa.  I didn’t expect such a quick negative turn of events.

Pierre and Eva

Francois tried his best to influence them both to be nice to each other. But it just kept getting worse.


They should have been attracted to each other but these Sims have minds of their own. Eva certainly had mixed feelings.

Mixed feelings

But you know what they say about couples who start off fighting when they meet.  Sometimes it turns to love.  Seems like Eva wants to like Pierre but he’s not doing himself any favours rejecting her.

Eva lusts

The next day I had them ring each other up.  Pierre’s relationship score for her was -86.  After the phone call it was -54 – getting there slowly.  Eva’s score to start with was only -25 or so.  She didn’t dislike him nearly as much as he seemed to dislike her.

Time will tell.  Perhaps Pierre needs to drink some Nu-vu or whatever it’s called…

Pierre has a good relationship with Francois’ wife, Katya.  Perhaps they should swap?