Emma was at university but I think I made her drop out.


Emma at uni

Anyway, she’s now back home and wants 20 simultaneous lovers.  She has three, is working on a fourth (Greg Langerak), and paid 3000 simoleons for a blind date but that didn’t work out at all.  He just wasn’t interested.  What a waste of money.

Her brother, Philippe, just married his live-in-lover, Gwen.


Gwen is now pregnant.

Philippe and cousin, Guillaume, have the same job.


They look like their fathers, Francois and Pierre (except Philippe has a big nose).

Artois is now at university.  I’m not sure where his sister Stella is – I forgot about her.


His little sister, Hollandia, isn’t getting much attention.


Erina keeps missing work because she thinks she’s pregnant but she’s not getting bigger at all.  She’ll be an elder shortly.

Nothing much happening with Pierre, Francois or their wives.  Trying to get enough friends so they can be promoted – pain in the butt.