Nothing much happening but Victoria’s family of two boys are growing.  Reefer’s gone to uni and looks very much like his dad, Guillaume and grand-dad, Francois.


His little brother, Peyote, was upset to see his father flirting with a workmate.


Victoria didn’t seem concerned at her father’s death at all.

Francois is nearing the end of his life.  Pierre and the rest have a little way to go.  Emma is flirting with every guy she meets.

Over to Henri’s.  Erina never did have the baby she kept saying she was having and grew into an elder on the same day as Henri (no pic).  Stella moved back home and looked after toddler, Hollandia, when she wasn’t out being a bagman.  I don’t think I took a pic of Hollandia after she grew to school age.  Artois is at uni.


(Behind him is Zen Collie.)

At Monique’s, the family of three boys are growing.  Eldest, Jean, is now a teen.


Youngest, Gerard, grew from toddler:


to school age.

Gerard as kid

Monique’s LTW is to have three children graduate – damn.