I played the Collies and associated families for three Sim days but finding the pictures is getting to be rather difficult.  I just deleted some but this update is going to be rather ‘random’.  I might have to start concentrating on one or two families to make it easier – as each generation becomes larger,  it’s harder to keep track!

Off the top of my head, Damien Tan and Marla’s daughter, Demonica is now a toddler.  Marla and Alex Lillard are still in love despite the divorce and remarriage.  Alex’s wife, Amelie, is still seeing Kane Danaher, whose wife, Siobhan, just given birth to a daughter – Mairead.

Daniel Collie’s three remaining offspring – Dana, Deon and Margareta, were all expecting babies.

Sis in law

Margareta Simpson (nee Collie) on the right, talking to sister Dana (whose second husband Jessie ran off with ex-sis-inlaw).  Dana gave birth to a boy and called it Jess.  Margareta gave birth to a girl and called it Shona.  Sister-in-law, Angel, gave birth to a girl and called it Lena.


Shona is now a toddler.


Devon Lillard is close to the end of her life.  Her daughter-in-law, Amelie is due to give birth.

Hogan moved into a large house with girlfriend, Krystal Kos…? (can never remember her surname) and his nephew and half-brother, Zen.  He finally proposed to her.  (She’s put on weight.)

Hogan proposes

Can’t think of anything else of note.  Next an update on the Champignons.