Denny’s ugly son, Len, hadn’t done enough homework and got taken away by the social worker, even though he did a fair bit the day before.  Denny’s sister, Darlene, offered to adopt him and then bring him back (by moving in and then moving out without Len).  The day came for Len to join Darlene’s family.

Len and Darlene

Not a promising start.  The family tree showed Darlene as Len’s mum and no father.  So, as the family tree was now stuffed up, and since Len wasn’t going to make an effort, I figured he probably needed a swim in the pool.


Oops, the ladder had mysteriously disappeared.  Len got a few body points and the warm water prevented him from freezing.  Cousin Zen noticed about the ladder…

Zen notices

but it was too late and sadly the Grim Reaper came and took Len away instead.  Never mind, Denny and Emily tried for another baby.

Over to Daniel’s place which is no less chaotic with adults instead of children.  Leon and Dana continued to live at home with their spouses.  I played four Sim days’ worth in the house achieving elderhood for Daniel and Margaret, and the youngest twins growing to teenage.  Unfortunately, just as they were moving to college, the computer crashed and I hadn’t saved.  I had to go back and re-play the four days.  The stupid thing is the first version of events was recorded in the album.  So here are version 1 and 2.

Daniel grew into an elder.

Daniel elder 1

Version 1 above and version 2 below.

Daniel elder 2

He looked happier the second time around.

Margaret grew into an elder the same day.

Margaret elder 1

Version 1 above and version 2 below.

Margaret elder 2

She looked better the first time.

In the first series of events, Leon’s wife, Robin, got frozen and missed her ride to her new job as a teacher.

Frozen Robin

Nicholas had to come along and blow-dry her enough so she could move and she got warm with a cup of hot chocolate, but still missed work.

This didn’t happen the second time and she got a job in the political career.

The twins then grew up the following day.  Deon first.

Deon teen

Version 1 above and version 2 below.

Deon teen 2

Then Margareta.

Marg teen

It was a crowded event, looked on by Margaret, Leon, visiting sister Helena, Nicholas, and the pregnant woman is one of the Ottomas family who don’t even live in a house but are still in the Sim bin.  Version 2 was much simpler and less crowded.

Marg teen 2

They both went off to college with scholarships.  That means that Shana had to hurry up and find a fiancee so she could leave.  Her experience next.