Daniel Collie finally completed university and got his degree in Physics.  While there he worked on all skills cos he wants to max out on them all.  Still a way to go – it takes time.  He was in the same dorm as Henri Heineken (JP’s son) who looks quite like his dad now.

Henri and Margaret

Henri talking to Margaret Hutchins in his freshman year.

Henri and someone else

Henri talking to another chick in his sophomore year.

After Daniel left, Gunther Bachman (Leo’s son) moved in.  Daniel got to know fellow student, Margaret Hutchins, pretty well and effortlessly got to the stage of proposing to her.  She accepted.

Daniel proposes 

So after graduating, Daniel moved into the house that Penny and Devon used to live in, across the road from his family home.  He immediately called up Margaret who came round and moved in.  They both had a makeover.

Daniel painting

Daniel still working on maxing those skills.


I didn’t expect Daniel to find a fiancee so quickly or such a pretty one.

The same day, in the evening, they married privately in the back yard.  Visitors just happened to be there at the time.

Daniel's wedding

Margaret wedding

Margaret wants to marry off 6 kids.  So they got to it straight away and she got pregnant.

She’s just had the baby – a girl they called Helena, after Daniel’s mum.

Veronaville has babies galore at the moment – Dan’s, Daniel’s, Penny’s, Devon’s, Kenny’s and Pierre’s just about to be born.