Darlene and Denny looked set to live together to old age.  However, Denny got his new girlfriend Emily Pons to move in.


It was at breakfast, in fact, (or was it lunch?) that Denny popped the question,


which she accepted.


Darlene moved out (and moved in with half-brother, Hogan, into their old family home!)

Denny phoned guests that very day and some of them turned up – only one cousin though – Devon, with husband, Jeremy.


Denny was friends with Maddie so she came too and brought old Raoul.  Denny had always had a good relationship with Hogan so he was among the guests.  But so was his father, Zaitrarrio, who is now an elder.


The wedding was in the garden.  The only thing to eat was cake but the wedding party went well.


Jeremy danced to music inside the house the whole time.

People chatted and ate cake afterwards.


Raoul spoke to no-one.  He sat on the couch by himself for most of the party and just looked straight ahead or at people passing.

Denny and Hogan had a pillow fight.

Denny and Hogan

The nose obviously came from their mother, Sharlene.  But no amount of facial hair could hide Denny’s unfortunate cheek deformity.

Over at Darlene’s old place, she and Hogan, who had never got on well, still weren’t.


But something rather disturbing happened.  Darlene had fallen in love with Hogan’s father, her mother’s ex-lover…

Z and Darl

Umm, what if she had Z’s kid? – she would be the mother of her half-brother’s sibling…. Ugh!