Not sure if I posted this pic before – probably – Denny holding his nephew – he stood there for ages with it.

Denny and Zen

Anyway the baby, Zen, grew into a toddler and he doesn’t appear to have any cheek deformities.


Hogan, who lives with Darlene, had his very first kiss (when he’s 11 days away from being an elder).

Hogan's first kiss

She’s a townie called Crystal something.

The nanny didn’t show up one morning at Darlene’s when they went to work, even though Darlene rang up before to check there was a schedule – so Darlene had to ring again to get a nanny to come in and she drove to work.  Bearing that in mind, Denny did the same, and ended up with two nannies:


Twice as much trouble!  Both, of course, collected numerous bottles of milk for toddler Len.

Nanny bots

Len ended up surrounded by 4 bottles of milk.  Their work done, the nannies watched tele, or something.


Denny’s wife, Emily, was fed up with the pokey little house that his dad had lived in, so she demanded they move.

They moved across the river to a house overlooking the river, and around the corner from cousin Daniel’s place.

New house

The layout is almost identical to a house that Penny grew up in.

Over to Kenny’s who we haven’t visited in a long time, Damien finally grew into a teen.


(Pierre Champignon was visiting at the time.)


He looks suitably vampirish.  I made him a knowledge sim but wonder if I should change that to a romance one.

Next, the chaotic household of Daniel Collie.