Emily had the baby – a boy called Len.  I forgot I was going to call it Denim (DENny and EMily).  Oh well.  Emily hates cuddling the baby.

Emily and Len

She gets this slouch every time I direct her to cuddle it, like “oh god, do I have to?”  I’m sure she wants to be back at work.  Denny’s left all the baby-caring to her so far.  I think he looked at it once.  Not the proudest of parents.

Darlene waddled around heavily pregnant.

Darlene pregnant

It’s like she’s waiting for Hogan to turn around “‘ere, feel ma baby”.  What’s the bet the baby inherits that ugly cheek deformity.

Darlene and baby

Oops, guess who’s.  It was a boy and she called it Zen.

Hogan and baby

Here’s Hogan carrying his nephew who’s also his brother – ugh.

Meanwhile, over at Daniel’s:

Dumb nanny

The nanny hard at work again while the kids need attending:

Nappy change

What a cushy job…  She’s the most useless nanny I’ve encountered so far.  She later had a leisurely bath and ignored everyone.


Oh look, family time.


Poor Margaret.  All the kids are going to look like their grandmother Helen.

The twins grew up – thank god.


Dana – the only kid who looks ok.


Leon, who apparently still expects attention.  Notice the nanny reading the paper again.  Useless old bag.

The baby, Shana, grew into a toddler and oh dear…


Helen’s genes are strong.  How is Margaret going to marry them off?  Poor Margaret.  Notice she’s pregnant again.  Is there any hope of having better looking sprogs in the next batch?