Raoul’s widow, Maddie, died age 74.

Maddie death

She was mourned by her daughter, Eva, and granddaughter, Emma.


A day or so later, Emma grew into school age.


Even though she had learned to walk, talk and be potty trained AND have a couple of logic skills she grew up badly (cos she was in a bad mood at the time???).

Her brother Philippe, grew up about a day later.


Over at Francois’s, Guillaume went off to uni to be with his girlfriend, Victoria Lillard. 


Guillaume talking to dad. 


Victoria studying.

His parents worked toward promotion and Amelie was nearly taken away by the social worker for not doing her homework.   Well, she was actually, but I didn’t save it and came back and made the bitch do her homework.  Watching kids TV made her happier than playing computer games.

Francois and Amelie

“Hey, she’s still here”.  I don’t think you can see Amelie’s eyes but they’re a scary blue.

Amelie's eyes

Or they were scary when I took the pic but they don’t show up.

Katya grew into an elder and looks remarkably like Franke Potente (German actress).


Perhaps not in this photo but at other times she did.  She needs a visit to a clothes shop.

Heading over to Jean-Philippe’s, he was promoted from Leading Man to Blockbuster Director.  Making and keeping enough friends is a pain in the arse, and he has to make more for the next promotion.

The effort must have got to him because he went on a date with old flame, the now widowed Sonique.

JP and Sonique

JP and Sonique kissing

They woohooed in the car before ending the dream date.


JP and Heidi visited Henri and Erina, where their granddaughter, Stella, had just grown into a toddler.


Heidi cuddled the kid while JP joined the others outside.

Stella and Heidi


Henri, perhaps sick of changing nappies, etc, took a leaf out of his father’s book and went on a date with ex-girlfriend Roxie Sharp.


They’d woohooed in the photo booth.  Seems like he’s still in love with her.

Roxie came by the next day but Erina shooed her off.

Roxie and Erina

Will JP and his son be found out by their wives?  Will they continue having an affair?  Who knows?  I don’t.  Yet.