Another Collie update.  I’m limited by the pics I can find.  After today, I’m going to concentrate on a couple of branches only and forget the rest unless they inter-marry or something.  I take pics and can never find them so I’ll have to ruthlessly cull some more pics.

Anyway – onward.  First Penny’s family.  Richard Danaher still lives with his dad and owns a grocery store.   Harriett has four kids – three girls and a boy.  This is one of the older girls but I can’t remember which one – probably Brianna (Harriett’s kids are Caitlyn, Brianna and twins, Briony and Brett).


Over at Kane’s, his daughter, Mairead grew into a toddler and within a day learned to walk, talk and go to the potty (with some help from smart milk and an attentive mother).


She has her mother’s green eyes.

Devon’s family: – Amelie gave birth to a girl and called it Alexis.

Alexis birth

That night, after Devon took Alexis to the kitchen for a bottle, the Grim Reaper came for her.

Devon's death

She was 68.

Stepping on the baby

Why not step on the baby on the way out?

Jeremy was upset.


but the others didn’t seem to care much – certainly not Amelie – she and Devon didn’t like each other much.  Alexis quickly grew to a toddler and looks like her mother with piercing blue eyes.


(Boy am I sick of that panda suit.)  Amelie is pregnant again.

Over at Victoria and Guillaume’s – toddler, Peyote, learned to walk.



(which is a surprise considering general neglect), and tried to catch butterflies.


His brother, Reefer, teased him when possible but otherwise ignored him.

Reefer and Victoria

He grew into a teen on the same day as Peyote grew into school age.

Teen Reefer


Over to what’s left of Darlene’s family.  Hogan married Crystal Kosmokos? and I took a pic but do you think I can find it?  I’ve scrolled up and down but just can’t see it.  Zen has gone to university.

Over to Denny’s – here’s a family pic of Denny, Emily and daughter Denim.

Family pic

Denim was three quarters of the way through school age when her elderly father died.

Denny death

He was 72.

Denim crying

I probably won’t bother blogging about Emily and Denim in future.

To Kenny’s family – not much happening there and I probably won’t bother blogging about them.  Lyrica is now a teenager and Melody has grown to elderhood.  Kenny is about 70 now.

Over at Kenny’s son, Damien’s, Demonica grew to school age and I took a pic but again I can’t find it.  Marla is pregnant again.