Now that Deon had a son, two daughters were surplus.  Lena had her great-grandmother’s ugly genes.  She had to go.

Lena drowning

I’ll see what Fukita looks like as a bigger child before I decide on her future.

Across at Deon’s parents’ place, it was finally time for Daniel to meet the Grim Reaper.

Daniel's death

He was 73.  Margaret was the same age and after she got up she visited the bathroom, mourned and then saw her end.

Margaret's death

I hadn’t had two Sims die on the same night before.  They were both platinum events as you can see.  Dana and her son, Jess, were left to mourn.

Kane and Amelie are slowly building their dream house by the sea in Bluewater.  I think I neglected to mention that they married quietly.


Kane’s ex-wife, Siobhan, has become engaged to Gilbert Jacquet.


Gilbert moved in.  Seems he didn’t want to get engaged.  Tough.  Siobhan wants to marry and have more kids.  Mairead, meanwhile, has grown to teen-hood.


Zen has nearly finished at uni.  He and Reefer and Artois are getting A+s and are now in their senior year.  The next group of teens wait in the sidelines.

Zen’s uncle/brother’s wife has quit her job as mayor and is now a senior manager pursuing her LTW of business tycoon.