Francois died, age 72. 

Francois dies

He’d just been on the phone.  Perhaps it was the shock of hearing that his daughter had split up with Alex and moved in with Kane.  Naturally Katya was upset.  She’s now in a big house on her own.

72 seems to be a popular age to die lately.  Pierre has managed to get past that magic number and reached 73.  Pierre has reached his LTW of Professional Party Guest (just like his mother).  About time, I think.  He’s been seen visiting Roxie Sharpe’s place.  More on Roxie and her new flatmate at a later date.

Over at Henri’s, Erina still believes she’s pregnant and refuses to go to work, even though she’s an elder.  I made her retire, silly old bag.  I think she and her actual daughter, Stella, are just a wee bit insane – they love going up and down the lift and I hear ‘bing’ ‘bing’ ‘bing’ ‘bing’ as they can’t make up their minds what the hell they’re doing or where they’re going.

Nothing much happening at Monique’s.  Just a family pic to finish with.

Monique's family

The middle child, Jacques, is in bed asleep.