A platinum death happened at Raoul’s house (his house no longer). 

Raoul death

Poor old Raoul – the last of the first generation.  He died aged 80.  Philippe immediately started crying and Maddie went crazy. 


Pierre cried much later.  Even baby Emma registered her grandfather’s death.  It seems a much smaller family now.


Emma grew into a toddler and oops – has the same pixie features that Philippe did. 


She quickly got a makeover with longer hair to cover the giveaway ears.

Jean-Philippe is getting older and at only 64 is nearing the end of his life.  Heidi, at the same age, has a while to go.  J-P got promoted to leading man and voted the sexiest.  He’s not too bad looking for his age. 


Unfortunately his long-term want was to have 50 first dates and that’s not gonna happen.  He nearly went on a date with Sonique but still hasn’t.