A few phone calls later and Eva and Pierre actually got to friend status.  But Eva still refused to go on a date with Pierre. 

In the meantime, Katelyn’s death came unexpectedly as she was spraying for cockroaches on the road.

Katelyn's death


I think she was 63.  Raoul seemed the only one upset and had a visit from the shrink.

With Raoul free to re-marry and Eva refusing to come over to Pierre’s I headed over to her house and had her invite Pierre and Raoul over.  That way they could get to know each other better and Raoul could meet Eva’s mother, Maddie.  She did as she was told and they came over.

Raoul and Maddie

(Raoul was promoted to some secret researcher just before Katelyn’s death, hence the get-up.)  There are no sparks between them.  Perhaps I should help them out with the porta-chug thing.

Raoul wanted a grandchild, so I made that come true – obviously not through Pierre.

Katya giving birth

Katya’s in shock.  Not sure she wanted to get pregnant so soon.  (I keep forgetting to take her shopping for clothes.  She’s still in the default adult stuff she got after university.)  So Francois and Katya had a boy, named Guillaume, for lack of a better French name.  I hadn’t planned the pregnancy either – it was an impulse for Raoul nearing his end.  The ungrateful bugger didn’t seem to register it at all and wants another grandchild.  Demanding sod.

Back to Pierre and Eva.  Finally he asked her on a date and she didn’t refuse.  Finally poor Pierre got his very first kiss while dating Eva at the LuLu Lounge.  Pierre's first kiss

They shared some cuddling but couldn’t yet do any woohooing.

Pierre and Eva

The date went well but still no engagement.  Pierre invited her home another evening and they did a lot of kissing, etc.  Pierre was about to ask her to move in and she chose that moment to walk away and go home.  She’s a hard one.

Poor old Pierre.  While his brother has just had another promotion (to intern), married and has a child, Pierre has had only one promotion to gas station attendant and can’t lure his prospective wife to the house permanently.  It’s taking time….!