I headed over to Sharlene to see how she was doing all on her own.  Her daughter, Darlene, came over to visit.

Shar and Dar

Sharlene then went off to work as some school crossing monitor or something (she’d lost her high-powered job as a super-hero).

The minute she got back from work, Death came to visit. She was 70.

Sharlene's death

For once it wasn’t in or near a bathroom.  Death did go to the toilet afterwards though.  The little house is now empty.

Over to Steven’s house.  He went to work, then came home and hit the sack.  Marie came home, promoted to specialist and also went to bed.  Kenny was in bed already.  During the night, Steven got up and was probably on his way to the bathroom when Death came for him too.  He died at 69.

That only left Helen as the remaining offspring of Shannon and Manon Collie.  She’s getting on a bit but still has a few days.


She’s still upset about the end of her marriage – you’d have thought she’d be over it by now. 

Her son, Daniel, had a friend over from school one day – none other than his half sister, Danielle.

Daniel and Danielle

Shortly after, Daniel grew into a teen.

Daniel child

Daniel teen 

Over at Penny and Devon’s – Penny was abducted by aliens when she was stargazing one night.  She’s been back a couple of days now but no sign of any alien pregnancy, thankfully.  Maybe only male abductees get pregnant or it’s just chance.

Devon’s still living at home and has been flirting with Jeremy.

Devon and Jeremy

No sign of anyone settling down among the third generation Collies.