I got Roxie to move out of Academie le Tour and into Veronaville so Henri could visit her more easily (and to help in my cunning plan).  Henri wanted a son but Erina didn’t want to be pregnant again – she wanted to concentrate on career.  So, to get pregnant, Roxie had to be in Veronaville.  Sure enough she got pregnant and had a boy (conveniently).  His name’s Artois.  Henri visited to see his baby son.

Henri and kid

Unfortunately, on one of his visits, Henri discovered that Roxie hadn’t changed her ways.  She had just been woohooing with lover number 5 when Henri caught them at it.


Some obligatory slapping was in order.


and a desire to beat up the lover…


There was a fight, naturally…


which Henri won.

Fight end

But that was pretty much it for the relationship between Henri and Roxie (for the second time). 

Artois grew into a toddler pretty quickly.


But Roxie’s not the most motherly of women.


Roxie ignored the kid for over a day, so the social worker came and took Artois away.

When Henri heard about that, he applied for adoption.

Erina welcomed the, now long-haired, boy with open arms, little knowing that the boy was her husband’s real son.

Artois adopted

In the meantime, Stella had quickly grown into school-age.


She will look like her mum.