Henri met a student he took to immediately – a pretty blonde called Roxie Sharpe.  What he didn’t know was that she had a bit of history on the campus. 


But he fell in love…

First kiss

He had his first woohoo with her on the roof of the dorm.


He was so smitten he asked her to marry him – she’d make beautiful children, he figured.  She accepted but, at the same time, didn’t want to get engaged…

Henri gets engaged

Notice freshman, Gunther Bachman’s reaction in the background.  He’s pretty disgusted.

Gunther (son of Leo), meanwhile, had fallen for Tristen Alioto and wanted to kiss her, but she turned him down.


Gunther was devastated and cried.  He decided to stop seeing her for a while and change his looks, growing dreads and a beard.


But he was depressed.

Gunther depressed

Henri grew a beard as well.


Henri finally finished university with a degree in Economics.  He invited family round for his graduation party and thought it would be a good time to introduce his fiancee, Roxie, to his family.

His uncle Pierre can definitely see the attraction.


And so could Daniel Collie.


Hmm, she was definitely a man-magnet which could be trouble…

Henri, oblivious, introduced Roxie to his mother.

Intro to mum

But Monique didn’t really take to her.

Monique and Roxie

After the graduation party, Henri moved to a little green house on a corner, on the Capp Manor side of the river, ready to invite his fiancee over to live with him and have a big wedding.

Will Henri find out about Roxie’s many lovers?  Will he go ahead with the marriage?  Will she go ahead with the marriage?  Will she have Henri’s babies?  Will she dump him?  Will she cheat on him?  Stay tuned for part two.