Henri invited Roxie to his new house and tried to get her to move in so they could marry but the ‘propose’ option just wasn’t showing up on any of her visits.  Could she already be engaged to someone else?  In any case, Henri found out about another lover and broke off the engagement.  Roxie was a little shocked.


I think Henri’s parents were secretly pleased.

So Henri, who had been looking forward to a wedding and a family, was without a bride.  Not to worry – a new person had moved to the neighbourhood – Erina Speight.


Another attractive blonde but more marriageable (she’s into families) – so it was no trouble for Henri to fall in love with her.  She moved straight in anyway as a flatmate.


Erina even brought up the subject of engagement so it was no problem to get hitched.

Engagement to Erina

So the wedding was on.  Henri introduced his new fiancee to his mother just before the wedding!


The guests gathered.

Wedding guests

Clockwise: Monique, Pierre, Jean-Philippe, Devon Lillard, Daniel Collie, and others not pictured. Daniel gives Monique the weather forecast.

Wedding arch

Vows were said

Wedding vows

and the deed done. 

Wedding kiss

Unlike Roxie, Erina wants lots of babies…