I hadn’t checked out Jean-Philippe lately.  He’s been keeping a low profile – I haven’t seen him downtown or at any social functions.  He continues to be friends with half-brother Pierre, but not Francois.

Pierre and JP

Pierre and JP share some gossip.

He’s rapidly heading for elderhood, sadly.  His son, Henri was growing and doing well in school.  Jean-Philippe and Heidi’s relationship was stable if unexciting.  J-P’s just been promoted to supporting player in the entertainment career.  Heidi is now vice president in the business career.

Heidi wanted another child so they went to it and hey presto, she ended up with a much-wanted daughter who they named Monique.  Monique grew into a toddler just as Henri grew into a teen.


J-P’s son, Henri.  (The house looks a bit cramped with the walls up.)


Monique, who looks kinda funny with small eyes. 

So nothing much exciting happening with JP.  He thought about going on a date and drove to PURE, but didn’t meet anyone interesting apart from ugly-looking Regina who’s having an affair with Victor Lillard.  No thanks.

So next time we meet JP, I guess he’ll be an elder.

Coming up – more on Raoul and the twins.