When I last left Kenny and Marie, they were still in bed and Steven had just died.  Kenny was still a teen who didn’t want to go to college and wanted a slacker career.  Now it seemed he did want to go to college but I’d already decided otherwise, matey.

Anyway, Kenny got himself a girlfriend, school friend Melody Tinker.

Kenny and Melody

They’d been on a date and everything was going well.  But then he had to grow up (and she didn’t).  Members of the family were invited round for his birthday.

Kenny's birthday

Devon, Denny, Darlene and Jeremy (in the background) were there as well as Melody.  But once Kenny became an adult he could only be friends with Melody.  Now he has to find a new girlfriend.

Kenny adult

Kenny “grew up badly” because he didn’t get to go to college.  Whatever.  Kenny needed a makeover.  Those shorts had to go.

Kenny makeover

He didn’t like the first hairstyle I gave him, fussy bugger.  He looks a lot like his father.  In the meantime, his mother Marie got promoted to Surgeon.

Back over to Devon and Penny’s place.  Devon is in love with Jeremy Lillard but also wants 50 first dates.  Well, she’s not getting them.  It’s bad enough trying to find 2.  But this isn’t Devon’s story today.  Penny’s live-in boyfriend, Adrian, was seeing other women and had started taking an interest in Devon.  He had to go.  But who else to take his place?  Penny invited over a guy she’d met at PURE but who wasn’t quite a friend.  He came over and in no time at all they were friends, then falling in love.  His name is Edward Danaher.  Almost immediately Penny invited him to move in and he did!  The added bonus – he was high up in his career – a business president.  Yay!  Penny had just been promoted to some level of chef (can’t remember – I was concentrating on other things).  Adrian moved out.

The next day Penny proposed.  Edward accepted.


They moved out leaving Devon alone, and moved into a house more worthy of the “nattily” dressed president, Edward and his fiancee.

New house

Funnily enough, it backs onto the Collie family home and is directly opposite the Champigon household.  Penny was elated.

The picture above is before the house had a bit of a makeover – new flooring, an additional fireplace, new wall coverings, lighting, the addition of a garage (and car).  It’s still not 100% (I don’t like those blue shutters) but it’ll do for now.

The next day Penny invited over family and friends for her wedding. 

Wedding 2


Edward had got fat while moving into the house and just before the wedding he’d been working out.  He got fitter again just after the ceremony.


It’s going to be a struggle keeping him in shape because he’s rather lazy.  Wedding guests included Devon, Penny, Francois and Pierre Champignon, Leo and some neighbours invited themselves over including a fat Demi Love (who Hogan’s father Zaitrarrio had moved in with across the river).


Time for toasts and cake.

Penny and Leo

Penny talks to her uncle Leo (who’s still young!)


Time for the honeymoon.

On their return, Edward wanted a baby and later Penny did too.  It took three tries before Penny got pregnant.

Good news

Generation 4 of the Collies begins.